Much like this image, we often find ourselves stuck in the rush of life. People around us seem to be moving fast, and know where they are going. Alike this image, they become a blur. You can’t identify who is who. Suddenly, you stop in the midst of the crowd and you begin to define your identity: a vital part of yourself that needs to be defined in order for you to continue moving forward in life.

“Who are you?” is definitely one of the most asked questions. Whether it’s asked by someone else, or you ask yourself ‘who you are’.
Identity is one of the most talked about topics and that’s because we all want to find ourselves. But, what does that even mean?  Given the recent events around the world, we’ve decided to talk about what identity is and what defines it.

Nowadays, we see on the media that people decide to go under dramatic changes in order to define their identity. People do all kinds of changes: legal name change, haircuts, piercings, tattoos, botox, fashion, and even gender modifications.

Seems to me that, by observation, what is on the outside is what defines who we are. I’ve been lied to all my life! Or is it really what’s on the inside that matters, and we just understand this whole “identity” concept wrong? What is it that truly matters?

Only a few decades ago, people with tattoos and piercings were associated with criminals. Though the stigma is yet not all gone, we now see that 14% of the population in the U.S. has at least one tattoo…that’s 45 million people! And we see them scattered throughout our society as doctors, lawyers, pastors, store clerks, cooks and friendly neighbors. Tattoos, which once defined people’s identity as criminals or gang members, are nowhere viewed the same way.

The way you dress truly does say a lot about who you are, but it certainly does not show the entire picture. See, you could be wearing the latest designer shoes or sporting the hipster haircut, and look stunning, but you could also be bitter inside, depressed and broken. It works the other way around, too; dirty clothes but a giving heart.

Recently, a man decided to change his sex from male to female; surgery and everything. Now, did that make him a woman? Does he now understand the pressures and expectations that society places upon women? Can he share a locker room at a woman’s-only gym? Will his body automatically begin to produce female hormones simply because of his legal name change, implants and other modifications?

What really defines us?  Who are you?

How can you truly find who you are? What can you do when you finally find out your identity?
Maybe your answer to that question is “Nobody” or simply, “I don’t know”. And if you do know who you are, what defines your identity?
Join us all as we seek the answer to these questions. Unlike our photo image above, we don’t want to just pass by you when you are trying to find yourself. We are in this journey together. Leave your comments down below and begin a conversation with us. We want to hear from you.

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