That’s pretty much the word of our generation. The market crashed, our homes are worth less than what we bought them for, and the dollar hit it’s lowest point. Overall we are living in a devaluated society.

What happens, however, when we shift this devaluation from the material and turn it to one another?

In our last blog, we mentioned how our values and principles are proportional to the economy. The money goes down, our principles go down. Now, on a more personal level, we want to talk about the devaluation of the individual human being.


We’ve all been through situations or circumstances where we feel like nothing. Maybe someone else made you feel like you’re not worth it. They’ve devaluated you. What happens in a mind that has been devaluated?

First off, they lose all hope for themselves. They think and truly believe that they are not worth anything. Secondly, they give up on life. Feeling that they are not worth it, convinces them to think that that is exactly how the rest of the world sees them. Thirdly, life itself is devaluated. And that’s what we’ve been seeing lately: the right to end your own life.

Life becomes so meaningless to a devaluated mindset that it loses hope and sees nothing to loom forward to. We can recall the recent event of a woman who decided to move to another state in which she had the right to end her own life.

Is that even right to do?

The truth of the matter is, first of all, that Life is not devaluated. In fact, it has a price. Blood.

Jesus bought your life at that price and as a result, it has a value that cannot be devaluated by circumstances, situations or people. Secondly, there is always hope. If Jesus bought your life, then, it was to give you hope of eternity and a better future in this lifetime. And, thirdly, but most important, your life or the rights over your life belong to Jesus alone, not you. He is the one who paid the invaluable price, so he is the one that calls the decisions.

Here, we extend another invitation to engage in a conversation regarding these questions. Do you feel devaluated? How do you regain hope? What does the right of life even mean to you? What is the price of a life?

Join us at any of our gatherings to discuss these and many other questions you may have. Check out our website and click the “contact us” tab!  We are regular real people that want to create a judgment-free zone for your doubts.

No perfect people allowed.

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