Official Stuff:

  • Graduated: Fuller Theological Seminary, M. Div.; University of California, San Francisco Medical Centre, D.M.H.
  • Ordained Minister of the Word and Sacrament
  • Born: Boston, MA
  • Married to: Stephen Taulbee

Interesting facts about Saundra:

  • Favorite Movies: It’s a Wonderful Life, Good Will Hunting, As Good as It Gets
  • Favorite Books: Traveling Mercies; Grace Eventually; The Divine Conspiracy; Finding Faith Series: A Search for What is Real, A Search for What Makes Sense (oops, more than 3…)
  • Favorite Songs/Musicians: Joyce Cooling, Adele, Al Jarreau, Phil Collins

Some of Saundra’s passions:

  • Off-roading with My Husband
  • Learning to play piano and guitar
  • Oil painting and charcoal sketching
  • Smooth jazz and symphony
  • Creative writing
  • Traveling outside of the Unites States