You were in your 20’s when 9/11, the market crashed and the economy went belly up. You probably lost your home, job or mind. Most people from your generation had to start a career all over again. And you’re most likely in debt right now. If there is anyone that can understand that “Money can’t buy happiness”, it’s definitely you.

Can people bring happiness? It wouldn’t surprise me to know that you’re having a very hard time trusting people. After all, you or someone you know recently went through a divorce.

Quite frankly you’re just having a really hard time believing in…well…anyone and anything.

No, I do not know you personally; you’re not the only one in these stages.

People who are usually in their 30’s and 40’s all went through the same thing as you did. Overall, they experienced a devaluation of all that was good for you at one point in their life: family, a career involving job security, a good retirement plan, just to name a few factors.

But, did all these things really lose their value? What caused all this to happen in your life?

Deliberately, I could say the economic crisis was responsible. Makes you wonder, why were all these principles relative to the economy? When the money crashed, so did the value of all you held in high regard.

We’ve been taught by this materialistic society to place our trust on our bank accounts. But, as you know, that doesn’t work well either.

Now, we are a hurting generation that has severe trust issues. We are numb to happiness.

Nevertheless, not everything is bad news. Yes, you’re still in debt and financial distress. But the truth of the matter is that all your precious principles did not change at all, only your circumstances.

Family continues to be the most important factor in society. However, it’s ‘gonna’ take more than paying for your child’s college tuition to establish a strong family, just like you always wanted.

Your career should be something you love doing. If not, fake it till you make it. There has to be at least one thing you love about your job! If the only thing you like about it is financial stability, keep it. There is no victory without any sacrifice.

Suddenly, family and work seem to feel a little different, eh?

Yet, you’re still in debt! And that, my dear friend, I cannot give you much advice on but to either seek a professional advisor or get together with that accountant friend of yours and ask them for some pointers.

The sole purpose of this blog is to remind you of two things: 1. Happiness is very far away from finances. You had to learn that the hard way. 2. You are not alone. People are still the most valuable thing around you, even above money. There are still good people out there whom you can trust.

Share your thoughts with us! Maybe we missed something very important or maybe we are completely off on this topic. We want to hear back from you. Join in the conversation by leaving a comment, along with your email address and phone number so that we can contact you. And if you’re having trouble finding people to whom you can relate and connect, there are plenty of people here at Connections Community Church who have ‘walked in your shoes’, so to speak, and will understand, not judge. We are ready and willing to begin a small group centered around this topic, to walk alongside you and help you.

Steve Negrete

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