As humans, we all have something in common. We tend to seek a trait in other people that we find in ourselves. I can say with confidence that this is universal, irrespective of race and gender. Not only that, it is something that, even unconsciously, we expect from other people at all times. When we find it, we are happy. When we don’t, our hearts become upset in various levels. That trait is genuineness.

Being genuine is indeed one of the most valued and treasured aspects of an individual. Do you agree? What is better than being acquainted with a genuine person? What does it even mean to be genuine?

The adjective itself is defined as “truly what something is said to be; authentic.” When applied to a person, it can be explained by another simple word: sincere.

So much is involved in being genuine! Honesty and moral integrity are the top qualities. You can’t have a person be real or genuine without the truth. You most definitely cannot be considered morally integral if you’re not truthful.

So, if being genuine and real is the most wanted trait, why is it so hard to find? Nowadays, who can be trusted as a genuine person? We find insincere people all around us.

Sadly, it is in the very spheres of today’s society where moral integrity and authenticity are expected that it is most absent: politics, religion, and relationships, to name a few.

Why are people being “fake” instead of genuine?

I believe it’s a matter of the heart. People’s motivations are what define whether or not they’ll be genuine or fake. Usually, people who struggle in this way tend to use others for their own benefit. If they can get something out of you, then that’s their ultimate goal. It’s irrelevant whether the issue is money, or information about something, or simply because you have a car and “you’re their free ride”.  Generally people like this pretend to be real for their own hidden agenda. As I stated before – we can see this in politics, relationships, or religion.

A reason this problem pervades arenas like politics, relationships, and religion is that when you’re genuine, you’re vulnerable. You show your weaknesses and your struggles. You become an equal to the other person, identifying yourself with their human nature and limitations. But in this great western society, nobody wants to be seen as weak or vulnerable. Everyone wants to be superior to the other. The less you know about me, the better. The less you know about my struggles and what my weaknesses are, the more in control I am and the better I look compared to you. This tends to happen in the lives of people holding leadership positions, who pretend to be perfect.

The reality of it all is that we all have weaknesses. We all struggle with things and have trials in life. Not one single human being is perfect. Why be fake about it?

Here at Connections Community Church we are not fake!  We strive to create an environment where being GENUINE is natural and builds a ‘come as you are’ culture. We accept the reality of brokenness in every one, without judging. Our leadership team is comprised of real genuine people that have stories similar to yours. We understand that all of us are broken and we are not ashamed of showing it. This is what makes the difference between religion and relationship.

What this world needs most nowadays is the aroma of relationship grounded in genuineness. So, if you’re seeking to connect with and relate to real people who remove their masks, come, join us in our weekly gatherings. We go where the people are.

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