Immigration has been a big topic in the United States lately that many people disagree on. On one side, individuals believe that others should be allowed to immigrate into the nation without having to fear deportation or other serious consequences. They believe that America was created by immigrants,  and therefore it is naturally a part of our culture and identity. On the other side, people do not think that others should be able to come into our country and receive the benefits granted to us as citizens. They have a perception that illegal immigrants come into our nation and commit crimes, take jobs that are needed by others, and are generally a burden on the rest of us. 

In the eyes of their advocates, illegal immigrants have families and lives just like any of us. They contribute to society by taking the jobs nobody else wants, working hard, and for the most part staying out of trouble. They are here only to earn their way to better, safer lives for themselves and their children, which is something that everyone can relate to. In addition,  illegal immigrants are actually less likely to commit a crime than the average citizen, making them some of the safest members of the community. 

Could you imagine being in the position of a young child who is separated from your parents because they suddenly got deported? You don’t fully understand at the time that you will be unable to see your dad or mom because they are no longer allowed into the country. That is the risk  that some parents take just to provide their children with the chance at a better life, and that is the reality that some kids face.

Some people, however, still do not think that this justifies allowing others to stay on our land illegally. Why should we have to pay out of our pocket to help a family that should not even be here in the first place? These immigrants are taking paying jobs from other Americans, why should we let them do this? Furthermore, what if an American family is harmed in some way by an illegal immigrant. Should we subject our own citizens to the possibility of being faced with a dangerous situation? How would you react and what would you do if your daughter was hurt by an illegal immigrant? Would you still support their right to be here? These are valid concerns, and it is why reaching a conclusion is difficult. 

This issue can be pressing, and it can be easy to get caught up in the argument for which side you stand on, but in doing so, we must also do our best to remember how it is that Jesus would want us to approach this issue. He would say to love our neighbor, and care for those who might need it. He would want us to provide for them food, clothing and a place to stay. It also can be easy to forget just how blessed we actually are by being allowed to live in a country such as the United States. Other people were not as lucky, so what is stopping us from helping them?

How do you feel about immigration? Do you believe that individuals should be able to live in the United States if they are undocumented? Do you think that there should be any punishment for these people? How would you interpret how Jesus respond in a situation such as this? Please feel free to join the conversation and contact us!

Charles Hutchison, Staff Blogger

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