I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For A Place to Call HomeA place to call home is important, and this rings true whether the home being sought is spiritual, physical, emotional, or involved with any other aspect of your life. Spiritually, feeling the love of God can be a place to call home in and of itself, and one doesn’t necessary need a physical meeting place to feel at home, but instead the support and love from their group lifting them to their true spiritual potential. Our God is the God of love, and this feeling of love can allow you to call any place home as long as you have Him in your spirit and in your heart.

In many cases, the nones haven’t found a place to call home, and this could be simply by choice or after feeling that their previous home isn’t a home for them anymore. In these instances, the feeling of God’s love can give them back the identity they’ve been searching for, and this love can become a home for them in all of their spiritual endeavors. The church may have wounded them, the pastor may have been unauthentic, or they simply may have fallen out with the particular beliefs they may have been teaching, but all of these instances can equally cause a feeling of being lost no matter the situation surrounding it.

Your place to call home shouldn’t be exclusive to a building or physical structure, and spiritually, your home could be within your own heart or with your group who helps to lift you when you need it most. All different life circumstances can cause us to lose sight of the present feeling of God’s love, and this home can be the anchor that draws you back and fills your heart with it once again. With the help of your spiritual director, you can beat any road block that comes your way and keeps you from returning to the place you feel most comfortable, and you’ll never lose your direction to your home again.

Home is important, whether it’s your actual home or your spiritual one, and a loss of a home can cause a loss of hope or a loss of identity. What is always important is to remember that your home is always there, whether you can see it or not, and returning to that home can be the difference between struggle and contentment.

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