growing-up-in-a-time-of-turmoilFor young people today, they have often never known a life without some kind of turmoil. Many millennials, or those born between 1981 and 1996, may get written off as being too tech oriented, or perhaps spoiled or soft, but this couldn’t be further from the truth, and many are hiding deep wounds from the many stressful and scary events they’ve been exposed to in their young lives. These events can easily cause a hardening of the soul and an apathy for God or the meaning of what He brings to all of our lives, as apathy is often bred from a sense of desperation and a loss of sight for that light at the end of the tunnel.

It may seem that things will never get better, and that the war, economic difficulty, or series of traumatic events will be everlasting, and this is a mindset that is the killer of hope. These wounds can be healed, and Dr. Saundra J. Taulbee’s book You Can’t Heal a Wound by Saying it’s Not There can be a great inspiration for beginning this healing process and finding passion in God once again. Discovering what it means to recognize hurt is the first step in discovering what it means to allow your soul to heal, and with God’s help, any soul can be returned to a state of identity, passion, and a sense of belonging.

One other aspect that can really drive young people away from finding their faith in God is a sense that they’re “beneath” or not comparable to their own pastors or spiritual directors. It’s important that millennials realize that they have the same level of what can be deemed as perfection as anyone else, which is none, and that those guiding them in their discovery of God should be viewed as equals encouraging them rather than divine beings providing a lesson. Today’s millennial wants nothing more than to be treated as an equal, and it’s important for them to realize that this is possible when finding their identity and their healing through God’s word.

Just as all good things will come to an end, all bad things must, too, and living a young life where things always seems to look dark can make you lose sight of that light. Through following Jesus and the word of God, as well as communicating their feelings in a Communications’ small group setting with their peers, these young people can see that there is never a reason to lose hope, and that their light is always there if they only begin to look. By sharing, or making that connection with like-minded individuals who have felt the same way, the word of God becomes clearer, and the sense of community from Connections Church brings a feeling of purpose and hope once again.

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