Doing Away With Isolation In Today’s VeteransThe wars occurring in the Middle East have been never ending since 2001, and for today’s military veterans, this means tour after tour of duty with little time for safe rest in between trips to the danger zones. As anyone can imagine, this causes a great feeling of hopelessness and isolation as stress begins to take its toll on your spirit, and this can cause a feeling of apathy to creep in as it appears matters aren’t on their way to improving. The patriotism and love of country felt after 9/11 inspired many young men and women to pursue a life of military service in the wake of a great tragedy, as you wanted to fight for the place you call home, but an ongoing conflict since the event has left some deep wounds in once encouraged and passionate individuals.

In Isaiah 41:10, the scripture states, “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” The message that these words can send is a powerful one, and one that can be well used by today’s veterans feeling the scars of what may have been seen, or the impact of spending tour after tour in these dangerous and war torn regions. With each trip, or each mission, your faith can begin to waiver, and apathy will soon begin setting in, if you don’t remember God’s word and his promise to uplift you.

For those who have already become victims of an apathetic mindset, and who can blame you with the things you have experienced, finding God again is not only possible, but simple with a little soul searching. Looking into your own soul introspectively and discovering that God was there all along can be a massive morale boost for all of you still fighting or if you’re at home looking to heal the physical or emotional wounds received while overseas.

Through Community Church, small groups for veterans can help you to heal these wounds through God more effectively, and Pastor Stephen is a veteran himself who can understand your plight as you connect to other veterans within your community. Additionally, the book You Can’t Heal a Wound By Saying It’s Not There: How to Overcome Your Past, Rebuild Your Present, and Embrace Your Future has one particular chapter that may be of great use in making you feel more comfortable sharing your feelings and finding God once again.

Coming to a place of apathy, or losing your faith in the midst of serving, is something that any veteran or active service member can fall victim to, but all you have to do is remember that God gave your life a purpose and a meaning, no matter how difficult things may currently seem. Our community at Connections Church can provide you with the reminder you need.

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