Becoming Inspired In A Seemingly Godless WorldFrom 9/11, to seemingly endless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and all of this thrown into a dire economic crisis, it’s perfectly normal for one to ask them self, “Where is God in all of this?” For millennials, or those born between 1981 and 1996, who have grown up with news stories ranging from scary to scarier, it can be easy to become apathetic to God’s presence, and feel a sort of isolation or meaninglessness as their personal search for purpose is lost amongst the headlines. What is important to remember, however, is that following Jesus’s teachings can provide an accurate image of who God really is to a person needing it in this seemingly Godless world, and you don’t have to search hard as He is never far away.

An authentic spiritual director or pastor is a great way to rediscover God in today’s world, and it’s important that this leader view him or herself as an equal rather than an authority or “perfect” individual. God has made none of us perfect, not even those helping others with his word, and the view that a person is beneath their spiritual leader is one that can deter them from finding passion through His teachings.

Social service or outreach is another way that a person can help themselves to find God once again, no matter who or how old they may be. From millennials who only know a life of hardship, to older individuals who may have lost their identity to apathy long ago, you can see God and your own purpose with each person you help. These social services can be as simple as making a donation to a local charity, or you can even use your time while volunteering, but there are few better ways to lose your feeling of isolation and find your purpose once again than helping others in your own community.

While the world may seem Godless, He is, in truth, always there with a helping hand, and all it takes to rediscover your passion for life and your purpose granted to you by Him is to simply look!

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