If you’ve been watching the television mini-series “AD The Bible” you are watching what is was like for the early followers of Jesus after Jesus’ resurrection. We are entering into a season in the liturgical (church) year that celebrates the coming of the Holy Spirit to earth. Jesus sent the Holy Spirit after he ascended back to heaven to all who will acknowledge him as Lord and Savior.  

Jesus sent the The Holy Spirit whose name in Greek means “helper”, to:

  • empower us to change from our old life of sin 
  • help us live like Jesus did
  • enable us to boldly reach out to others who do not know him
  • make it possible for us to love others we don’t like or who are different from us

Would you enter into this season with me as we learn more about why the Holy Spirit is so important to us as we folllow Jesus?

Read the Book of Acts to give you a deeper understanding of the real story of the Holy Spirit and his role in our life.