Lent, in old English means spring, and also means “to lengthen”, is a Christian practice dating back to the 3rd century, is a time we devote ourselves to:

  1. Prayer – prayer of examination, prayer of confession and repentance of sin;
  2. Fasting – fast from (ask the Holy Spirit to pin-point what we need to get rid of) things that pollute our mind and body (this is not just abstaining from food, etc. only to eat it again when Lent ends); and,
  3. The reading of Scripture and meditating on it – asking God what He is saying to you through it. Psalm 119:97-109,
    Psalm 139: 1-4; 23-24

We at Connections Community Church invite you to practice these spiritual disciplines with us as a way to renew your faith in God and deepen your walk with Him.

We will be administering ashes on the forehead (a Christian practice marking the beginning of Lent and signifying we came from the dust of the earth and will return again when we die) on Wednesday, Feb.18th @ 7:30 pm, 123 Cartier Aisle, Irvine. Please RSVP in advance @ 951.442.4964, to let us know you are attending. We welcome you!

May the Lord bless you and may God become so real to you in this most sacred season!