The Christian church year is divided into 6 seasons centered around the life and ministry of Jesus:

*  Advent
symbolized by the color White, celebrates the announcement of the birth of the Lord, Jesus Christ, and, heralds His advent or coming into human history. The Advent season begins in early November and culminates on Christmas Day.

* Christmas
symbolized by the color White, December 25th, the day that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ, incarnate, born that we may have new life and love one another.

* Epiphany
symbolized by the color Green, the time following the second Sunday after Christmas, celebrates the appearing or epiphany of our Lord Jesus Christ, fully God and fully man, as He ministered to lost humankind. For us this time is marked by study of the Word of God, new growth spiritually, and learning to follow Jesus (discipleship).

symbolized by the color Violet, marks the period (beginning in February and ending with Easter) leading up to Jesus’ going to the cross. For us, this is a time of self-examination, study, repentance, and fasting from things, behaviors we need to change in our lives.

begins with Holy Week: (symbolized by the color Violet), Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (Ash); Maundy Thursday, symbolized by the color White, celebrates the Last Supper; Good Friday, symbolized by the color Red, marks the arrest and crucifixion of the Lord Jesus, who died on a cross so that we do not have to die for our sin; Easter Sunday, symbolized by the color White, marks the Resurrection of the Lord, Jesus Christ and a renewal of our faith for all those who believe in His Name.

symbolized by the color Red and the sign of flames, marks the beginning of the Christian Church, fifty days after Jesus’ Resurrection and Ascension into heaven, when He sent the Holy Spirit so that we might be able to live and minister on earth with power to overcome evil and sin as Jesus did.