Brief Mission Statement:

multicultural community church plant Irvine California

Feeling Empty inside? Come Get filled up at Connections Community Church Irvine

We strive to build, grow and maintain a community connected through life’s journey where people experience healing of personal wounds, transformation through God’s Word and deep joy by serving others.

We live in a world where people are increasingly faced with isolation, loss of identity, meaning and hope, and who struggle with addictions of all kinds. And, so we believe we are called to bring hope to people as they see lives turn around, witness compassion, and experience the love of Jesus poured out through us as followers of Jesus.

We are called to engage a culture that thinks truth is relative, and has lost hope that there is a single savior who can bring healing for the hurts of humanity.

We, the family of Connections Community Church are committed to deepening our relationship with

God as we come to know Jesus more intimately and share the Good News of Christ’s love for a post-Christian world around us.

We Do This By:

  • Reaching unchurched people who don’t like church and are far away from God – connecting with people in everyday places, like clubs, bars, loving them and building relationships with them over lunch and dinner, and activities
  • Teaching people to follow Jesus through acts of service – connecting together to find out where God is already at work, so that we move out into the community and the world around us with compassion – serving, helping, offering Jesus’ love and healing.
  • Loving people to wholeness – connecting over a shared meal and growing together in small groups for fellowship, prayer, Bible Study, discussion, raising doubts and asking questions – watching God transform our lives as a community; connecting in interest based small groups – like biking, hiking, racquetball; and connecting in recovery focused groups to overcome hurts, habits, hang-ups, and addictions.
  • Serving those in need – connecting with our members who discover their passions, find areas of need in the community, and go out to change the world around us.