Connections Community Church Irvine Core Values

Our Core values are principles that guide our life together as a body, provide direction, sharpen focus, and help us live out our vision we seek to fulfill in community life. We uphold nine core values:

1. Engaging: We desire to engage and enter into the culture around us so that we meet, dialogue, and build relationship with real people in the real world, in the midst of their struggles, hopes, joys, life events, and daily routines. We want to hear their stories and get to know them by name, and experience lives being changed.

• We seek to create environments where people with or without any spiritual background can come, work through their issues with God, and discover a life with God that makes sense.

2. Inclusive: we are inclusive and affirming, and invite any and all people with whom we seek to build relationship, to enter into community life in one of our Life Groups. It is here that people learn to ‘belong before they believe’, as we share stories, laugh, see a video clip, have lively discussions, and pray for one another.

3. Connectional: we believe that the community of God is a place where all people – broken, disconnected, lonely, misunderstood, isolated, or searching, can come, be loved and treated as family. We invite people to “connect” with others in life groups , interest-based groups – like hiking, biking, discipleship groups – like Alpha, or in recovery groups – like Celebrate Recovery.

4. Incarnational: we believe that Jesus is God who came in the flesh – putting on skin and bone, and moving into our world – in order to make himself knowable to us.

• And, we believe that the church (not a building or meeting place) is the body of Christ (people putting skin and bone on the life and message of Jesus) – that moves into our world in order to make Jesus known to others.

• Thus, we become the hands and feet of Jesus. As a community we seek to enter into the lives of people in our surrounding community in order to be good news to them. And, because we believe that God is a champion of the outcast and the broken, we particularly seek to bring the presence of Christ to the broken places and people of this world.

5. Unhurried: we seek to live like Jesus did in an unhurried life. A mentor once said: Ruthlessly determine to rid “hurry” from your life, for it will destroy you. Thus, in a world of anxiety, crowded freeways, and lifestyles that show us rushing from one place or one thing to the next, we take time to put into practice the ways that Jesus taught and lived. It is a way of Peace, a way of living – not for today’s empty promises – but, for tomorrow’s hope for a better life.

6. Journeying: we understand life as one of journeying from birth to death, from cradle to grave. Here at Connections we desire to walk with you, as you journey through life, helping you discover ways God is at work in your life.

7. Transformational: we understand that we are broken by life, some of us by addictions, others by life choices and bad decisions, while others – by hiding beneath the mask of perfectionism. Only a Savior can help us and transform what is broken into something beautiful and useful for the good of helping others.

• So, we come into this context of committed community, bringing our gifts, abilities, questions, doubts, insights, and curiosities, and discover the power of the Holy Spirit to transform lives and unleash them for His good purposes to reach others.

• Love becomes the rule. Old wounds heal. Offenders find forgiveness, and true conversion becomes a reality.

8. Worshiping: we are a community rooted in the ancient truth that Jesus Christ is Lord. It is this that we celebrate, and it is the reason that we worship the Living God revealed to us since the beginning of time through creation, through the scriptures, and ultimately in the birth, life, ministry, death and resurrection of Jesus.

• And, so, we seek to be a community that prays, sings, gives, serves, and experiences God together in ways that make us whole, allow us to be very present in the act of worship as we encounter God in the sacred moments for who he is, giving him honor and reverence.

9. Outreaching: we are a community that outreaches to the world around us. In so doing, we seek to be agents of grace in the outward expression of God’s love for and transformation of a hurting world.