global_multiculturalWe are a multicultural community of people who are gathered around a common purpose—we want to follow Jesus. And as we do, we seek to be a warm and welcoming community that invites others to join us on that same journey as well.

As a faith community, we’ve been putting a lot of energy into our vision that we are:

“A family in Christ – for the sake of others.”
What does that mean? Well…simply put it means that:

This family is centered in Jesus Christ—his life, his teaching, and his living presence with us today.

We think of ourselves as a “family,” in the very best sense of that word. We care for one another—through the good and the tough times, and we accept you – wherever you are on the journey.
Our motto is “no perfect people allowed”*, meaning we are all imperfect people striving to become more like Christ.

We believe God wants the world around us to experience the love and hospitality of Christ through the quality of the relationships we build, and the acts of service we engage in.

Come, help shape who we are to become for Christ and the community around us!

Come, join us!

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